Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Vaastu Tips For Happy Life

South East for Kitchen

The ideal place for kitchen is the South-east direction. Avoid placing kitchen in north or north-east direction, as kitchen is known as the symbol of prosperity so placing in the wrong direction may bring financial as well as health problems.

Sleep with your head towards South

The main entrance for the door of stability is the master bedroom. According to vaastu rules, master bedroom must be in the South-west direction and it is better if you sleep with your head positioning towards the south or west.

Direction for Bathroom..

According to vaastu, toilets and bathrooms should be in south-west corner or in south west direction of the apartment. Since, the wind flows from north-east to south-west direction and if a toilet is placed in the north-east direction then the wind will enter the room flowing through the toilet, which will contaminate the air flow in the rooms.

Colours to avoid

It is better to avoid using too much of bright colors in your house like red and purple, it may bring negative energy in your house. In bedroom, red and black color should be avoided.

No water fountains in Bed Room

Pictures of water or a fountain should be avoided in your bedroom, as keeping these kinds of pictures might affect you negatively.

No God Images in Bed Room

It is better if you avoid placing mandir / temple below any bean or cupboard; it may put you under stress. And the right place to keep God statues or pictures is the prayer room and should be avoided in bedroom.

Heavy Statues block your Finances

Heavy statues should be avoided in north-east side of the house as it may block your finances.

Hang Crystals in the Window..

Hanging crystals in the window stimulates energy. When the light of the sun hits them, they create the most beautiful rainbows; bringing prosperity to your house.

Place a mirror in front of Locker

Hang a mirror that reflects the locker or the cash box. This symbolically multiplies the opportunities and money by two.

Direction for Drawing Room..

Your drawing room must always face the northern direction. Also, the furniture must be placed along the southern and western walls. This will ensure that you sit facing north and East which is very good for a healthy mind.

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