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April 3,2013.Day 133. Srimad Valmiki Ramayan - The First Epic Poem Of India. (Continued)

Book I : Bala Kanda - The Youthful Majesties

 Chapter [Sarga] 8
King Dasharatha proposes Vedic ritual for progeny
Dasharatha decides to perform an elaborate Vedic ritual, called Aswamedha yajna, Horse Ritual, to beget children. He being a considerate king in taking conscience of the courtiers, he discusses this aspect with the Vedic scholars and ministers of his court, beforehand.
तस्य च एवम् प्रभावस्य धर्मज्ञस्य महात्मनः |
सुतार्थम् तप्य मानस्य न असीत् वंशकरः सुतः || १-८-१
१. एवम् प्रभावस्य = this kind of, effectual king; धर्मज्ञस्य = virtue knower; महात्मनः = great soul; सुत अर्थम् तप्यमानस्य = children, to beget, burning, at heart; तस्य च = to him, also; वंशकरः सुतः = dynasty, enriching, son; नासीत् = is not, there.
To him, to such an effectual and virtuously great-souled King Dasharatha, , a dynasty-enriching son is not begotten though his heart is burning to beget children. [1-8-1]
चिन्तयानस्य तस्य एवम् बुद्धिः आसीन् महात्मनः |
सुतार्थम् वाजिमेधेन किम् अर्थम् न यजामि अहम् || १-८-२
२. चिन्तयानस्य = while thinking; तस्य = to him; महात्मनः = to that great soul; एवम् = this way; बुद्धिः आसीत् = thought, occurred; सुत अर्थम् = sons, for the purpose of; वाजि मेधेन = by Horse Ritual; किम् अर्थम् = why, not; न यजामि अहम् = not, perform, I shall.
To that anguished great-soul, a thought occurred this way, "To beget sons, why should not I perform Horse ritual...[and thus appease the gods in order to beget worthy sons..."] [1-8-2]
स निश्चिताम् मतिम् कृत्वा यष्टव्यम् इति बुद्धिमान् |
मंत्रिभिः सह धर्मात्मा सर्वैः अपि कृत आत्मभिः || १-८-३
ततोऽब्रवीत् महातेजाः सुमंत्रम् मंत्रि सत्तमम् |
शीघ्रम् आनय मे सर्वान् गुरून् तान् स पुरोहितान् || १-८-४
३, ४. बुद्धिमान् = intellectual one; धर्म आत्मा = conscientious souled; कृत आत्मभिः = with decent, souled [sagacious ministers]; सर्वैः अपि = with all, even; मन्त्रिभिः = with ministers; यष्टव्यम् इति = performable, thus; निश्चिताम् मतिम् कृत्वा = resolved, mind, on making; ततः = then; मन्त्रि सत्तमम् सुमन्त्रम् = best of ministers, to Sumantra; अब्रवीत् = addressed; स पुरोहितान् = with, clerics; तान् सर्वान् = them, all; मे गुरून् = my teachers; शीघ्रम् आनय = quickly, fetch.
That intellectual and a conscientious king having resolved with all of his sagacious ministers that such a Vedic ritual is performable, then addressed best ne among ministers, namely Sumantra, "fetch all my teachers and clerics, quickly.." [1-8-3,4]

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